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Anonymous said: Over the past four years or so, I've really been interested in Dom/sub relationships. Not that I've been in any, but I know how interested in it I am. The man I'm with won't go down on me or touch me, and I've always thought that's the reason I have never orgasmed. Do you think that's the reason? Or do you think it's because I'd feel more pleasure being a submissive? Is it mental, maybe? Lots of questions, I know. I'm just extremely confused...

Not going down on/touching you is a fireable offense.

No Cobra coverage, no severance package.

I doubt that’s the only reason you haven’t had an orgasm yet. Not all women can experience a vaginal orgasm, so you’re not alone in that regard. But I’ve known women who were convinced they could only orgasm via the clitoris and had that notion knocked to the curb.

Whether you experience more pleasure as a sub is something you can only discover by allowing yourself to submit. 

All sex is mental. Like Oscar Wilde said - everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.

No need to apologize for questions about sex. Most of humanity would like to ask more.

Anonymous said: Do you ever find yourself being contacted by Doms on here? Perhaps finally finding someone who understands their desires? Or only Subs coming to their senses on what they think they want?

I get some mail from young Doms asking questions about how to handle a sub or ideas on certain scenarios. But the majority of mail is definitely women who have discovered a submissive nature they haven’t explored. 



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A hot summer day like this should be spent explaining why that dress should come off. 

Choosing words that make goosebumps rise on her flesh, in defiance of the heat.

Hours later, when the sun has set, she’ll smile when she picks the ball of blue fabric off the ground.